rockers Guns n' Roses .

The Guardian, Sept 16. THE LIMIT RICK SKY OVER THE LIMIT MARRIED people rarely look at each other when they talk. According to Bernard Asbell, author of The Book Of You, wedded couples don't feel the need to look into each other' s eyes when they are speaking because they feel at ease with each other. POP recluse Morrissey blames his loveless lifestyle on his parents' unhappy marriage. The star, who has just enjoyed a hit with the old Smiths hit How Soon Is Now?, suffers from bouts of depression. Says Morrissey: If as a child, you live in an environment where your parents don't get on, it's quite crippling. Even if you can overcome it, it's very debilitating. LOVE SONG WILD rockers Guns n' Roses took turns making love with a girl fan... while recording one of their songs. The band invited the sexy beauty into their studio for the saucy romp and
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